QPM Coolant Nozzle Applications

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If you cannot find what you are looking for, we do offer bespoke coolant nozzles to suit any application.


Below is a few of the more popular nozzles available;

Turret Jet Nozzles (we fit this nozzle to most of our Driven Tools that we service)

Attributes include, excellent coolant direction, rigid enough not to be moved by coolant pressure or swarf interference and with various pipe lengths enable you to get the coolant right to the cutter tip.

These are perfect for Driven & Static Tooling. If you require a high pressure version you will need the Pressure Max.


TurretJet Nozzles - excellent for most CNC applications

Turret Jet Nozzles


Screwball Nozzles

Screwball Coolant Nozzle


Oddball Nozzles

We utilise the Oddball to accept the Turret Jet into a ball fitting

Oddball Coolant Nozzle