Europe's Largest Repair Center for Driven/Live Tooling & Angle Heads

We repair & service all makes and models of Driven & Static Tooling and Angle Heads.

Do you have any Tooling that;

  •  -Has seized,
  •  -Creates a poor surface finish,
  •  -Is drilling off centreline,
  •  -Overheating,
  •  -Noisy,
  •  -Damaged due to an impact,
  •  -or has general wear & tear.

Send these Tools to us and let us return them to the original condition, operating to the manufacturers specifications

Save Time & Money

Most Tools are serviced within 5-7 working days and for 1/3rd of the price of a New Tool

48 Hour Turnaround is also available dependant on Tool damage

Our unique services are used nationally & internationally and our comprehensive tool service includes the following;

Tools disassembled;

All components are checked for wear, damage & cracks
All parts are chemically cleaned
Quotation formulated & sent to customer

Tools assembled;

Tools are rebuilt using KLUEBER ISOFLEX NBU15 GREASE and various Loctite Products & Top Quality precision bearings & seals
Replacement parts manufactured in house or purchased from the OEMs
Collet taper reground if necessary
Tool checked for alignment & corrected if required
Every tool is individually marked for traceability
Preventative Maintenance Schedule created in Microsoft Excel format and a copy is sent to you with periodic health checks emailed.

We service all makes including the following manufacturers Tooling;

Alberti, Algra, Alps, Benz, Bristol Tool, Eroglu, Evermore, EWS, Gerrardi, Eppinger, Heimatec, Holdwell, Madaula, Mario Pinto, MT Marchetti, OMAP, Romai, Parlec, Sauter, Wendel, Wagner, WTO & Zettle Mimatic Driven Tools

And Angle Heads from Alberti, Big Daishowa, Madaula, OMG, Su-Matic, MPA, Bristol Tool, Benz, Gerrardi, Zettle Mimatic, Pibomulti, Heimatec

We are also the Official UK Service Centre for Eppinger Tooling and approved to repair all major brands of Driven Tooling.


Please do not try to repair your own Tools as most wear is difficult to detect without thorough cleaning and re-assembling. A tool without the correct gear backlash and bearing pre-load which will cause your Tool to prematurely fail and cause more internal damage. We only use the correct high precision bearings and seals as well as the industry standard lubrication and adhesives.



Angle Head